Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Doesn't sneezing give you a high?
So I am randomly sneezing now and listening to Paban Das Baul - only this one awesome song, which somehow, I get the feeling, nobody else likes.
I forgot to mention it here, but I sort of put in my papers (again!) - and it was scary but liberating. And not in a way where I wash my hands off all responsibility, but in a way where I really take a leap of faith and do wonderful things. I'm excited. But who knows these things, right?

I came home early today and watched two completely differently movies. Before that I saw HWIM, and I loved this episode because it was about New York, and to me, New York is like Bombay. But never mind all that.
The first one was 17 Again and the second one A Serious Man.
17 Again reminded me of Never Been Kissed (which for some reason is a cult favourite - okay, our cult). I always thought I'd be irritated by Zac Efron because he just seems like the sort who'd do back flips if you asked him to do his homework, but he wasn't. He was quite nice and he danced only twice I think. And I love Matthew Perry, so I thought what the heck. I really liked it. It was goofy and warm and quite watchable.
The Coen brothers are awesome. I've loved all their movies. But I'm not sure what exactly to make of A Serious Man. I couldn't help wondering if they were really being clever or pretending to be. It was engaging. It was dark. It was funny. The acting was superb. The cinematography, production design - all of it awesome. But...you know...I'm just. not. sure. Maybe that's the point. Who knows?

shob diye jar
shob kere nao
Tar to prane shoy na
Tomar dil ki doya hoy na?

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