Friday, January 1, 2010


Hello New Year. How are you? Firstly, I would have to say, you look pretty neat. 2010. And you're nice to say. Twozeroonezero. Twenty ten. I ushered you in, in a pretty happy state of mind, not feeling inadequate or incomplete like I usually do. I missed seeing the blue moon because some boy got drunk and fell down the stairs. I think he's okay now and I'm not particularly upset. Beginning of the year, I am happy. I am the same weight as I was in the beginning of 2009, which was a lot, but then I had lost it by April-ish and put it all back post September. But it's okay. I'm not fussy.
I feel well rested. I have many books to read, films to watch and lots of work to do. Which is always good. My love life, twenty ten, is dismal as usual. But only on paper, only statistically. I am surprisingly happy at my present state of being. It's uncomplicated, and I don't feel piny or whiny. In the room the men come and go, talking of Michelangelo. It's all good.
I started the year with a Bergman movie - Winter Light. The one in the faith trilogy I hadn't seen. It was accompanied by left over pizza and bit of coke. I love junk food and intelligent cinema. I revel in it.
Anyway, so I was watching that extra indie film with the DVD, Intermezzo I think it was called - an interview with the then 83 year old Bergman. The man had in him more passion than a 17 year old. I am so smitten.
So 2010, I will pause here. My movie marathon continues and must go and get happy. I wish you all the best. I hope you are peaceful and tolerant. I hope you are exciting and warm. I hope you are lucky and fun. I will do my best to make you memorable and cool. See you tomorrow.

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