Sunday, January 23, 2011

Things I would do if I were Bono or someone cool

Okay, so this was totally brought on by a quick glimpse viewing of Beautiful Day on VH1 - you know the part where Bono's like lying on the baggage conveyor? I mean, that, is my fantasy. Which got me to thinking - what are the other things I'd do if I were cool like Bono? So here's my list -

1) The conveyor belt thing to begin with. Number wunn priority boss.
2) Also, in the same video, the dude is singing on the runway, while planes take off over his head - I mean, who wouldn't want that?
3) Sit in the school staff room. I mean, for some reason, thanks to my school or whatever, the staff room was this super sacred place which was kept veiled from the prying eyes of a student with this shabby fluttering curtain. We kept catching glimpses of this fantastic little world inside (I once saw Mrs. Basu smoking and heard a lot of commotion when Mrs. Mitra fainted) - but never enough to know enough. I almost walked in once, when I was helping Mrs. Sen carry some books to the staff room - but the minute I stepped inside, she let out a banshee-like scream - "You're not allowed inside! You're not allowed inside! " I almost saw the light. Bitch.
4) Sit next to the pilot in the cockpit. Ask him why they call it a cockpit. Especially now that there are women pilots. And I'd also take over for two minutes, giving everyone a ride of their lives. A brief, horrible ride. Muahahahaha.
5) Go to Mecca and Medina - and all those places where I'm forbidden to go. Like ever. Like Charlie Kaufman's mind.

Okay, I have to think too much now. So later.

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Mayur G said...

Buckbeak ride through the grand canyon wud be amazing